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Matt Whiting

Matt Whiting's work is a love letter to ceramics. His wheel thrown forms are combined with various adornments; often suggesting elements of function with spouts and handles, all the while remaining purely sculptural.


His passion for glazing comes through in the colourful and textured finishes to his work. Matt is drawn to the unpredictability of glazing. He works with glazes, which while he has researched extensively, still allow for some element of surprise when removed from the kiln. This unpredictability produces one-off, unique pieces - where even the same forms will have a completely different surface covering.


In his series of ceramic 'Blobs', Matt explores glaze development with a wide range of colours and textures. Starting life as test tiles, each 'Blob' is the same thrown base form, adorned with different glazes which coat the surface, each with a personality of their own - really coming to life when displayed en masse. 

Matt's 'Blobs' can be purchased for £50 each.

Instagram: @mattwhiting_art

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