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Set away in its own large enclave, with its own lounge area to relax in before/during/after dining, guests have the feeling of their own private space in the perfect setting; relaxed, private and high end. When ready to dine guests will feast at our bespokely crafted, unique 4 metre concrete table in full view of our Chefs bringing their creations to life.

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Chef’s Table (Up to 14 Guests)

Lunar Experience Menu (Thursday to Saturdays) - £1,600 Min Spend - £750 Deposit.

Lunar Lunch Menu (Friday to Sunday) - £750 Min Spend - £250 Deposit.

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First you have to find it. Explore the restaurant and see if you can find the secret door that transports you and your guests in to 'The Botanic Garden'; a speakeasy style cocktail lounge inspired by Erasmus Darwin and his infamous book, 'The Botanic Garden'. Darwin was a founding Father of the Lunar Society, business partner to Josiah Wedgwood and much more. The Botanic Garden is the perfect classy, relaxed, low lit cocktail lounge where with you your own bartender, in your own private space, you and your guests can enjoy a few drinks in your own private setting. Seating is relaxed and comfortable.

The Botanic Garden sits 20 with a required minimum spend of £750.  Click here to book.

Botanical Garden (20 - 25 Guests) **DRINKS ONLY**

£750 Full Room Hire.

Dedicated Lunar Mixologist Included in the package.



Inspired by Joseph Priestley, founding father of the Lunar society who amongst many achievements discovered carbonated water. It is therefore only fitting for us to dedicate a room to Priestley so near to The Lunar bar which has bubbles a plenty and where we pay hommage with thanks for his discovery and serve our guests the finest, creative drinks offerings we can in true Lunar style.  Click here to book.

Bubble Room (7 - 14 Guests)

Lunar Experience Menu (Thursday to Saturdays) - £1,200 Min Spend - £500 Deposit.

Lunar Lunch Menu - £650 Min Spend - £200 Deposit.

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The Lunar Society began meeting on a full moon in the 1700’s to help offer more light on their way home. Of course plenty of superstition surrounds the full moon and many local people during the beginnings of the Lunar Society wondered what was happening with all of the comings and going’s from Soho House, Birmingham where the founding ‘lunatics’ would meet, wine and dine in to the night. We thought we would allow our guests to wine and dine underneath a full moon on any day or evening of the year in our stylish Lunar Bar.  Click here to book.

Lunar Bar (15 - 22 Guests)

£4,000 Full Room Hire.

£1,500 Deposit Required.

6 Course Set Menu.


Sommelier Wine Pairings.



A distinguished home in the 18th Century would most likely feature a Parlour room. Paying homage to the past, celebrating present and future we wanted to bring all of this together with our own Parlour Room in 2022 where we welcome our distinguished guests to dine with us in a modern spacious setting.  Click here to book.

Parlour (23 - 32 Guests)

£5,500 Full Room Hire.

£1,750 Deposit Required.

6 Course Set Menu.

Sommelier Wine Pairings. 



In the unfortunate event you will not be able to attend your booking Lunar reserves the right to enforce our private hire cancellation policy, as shown below.

Within 28 days of booking we will take 50% of the deposit.

Within 14 days of booking we will take 100% of the deposit.


We will cater for allergies & intolerances to ensure our guests can dine safely with us. With regards to subjective tastes we encourage our guests to open their minds and mouths and travel on this journey with us. Our mission is to use local sustainable produce to create a tasting experience like no other, that our guests will remember forever.

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