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About Lunar

Set in the heart of Staffordshire, Lunar offers a unique dining experience at the home of one of the world's most prestigious brands, Wedgwood.

Lunar is a celebration of the past, with a focus on the present and our future.


The name takes inspiration from ‘The Lunar Society’, founded in the 1700s by a collective of great thinkers of the time which included Josiah Wedgwood himself as a founding member. The Lunar Society was at the forefront of many advances for society, meeting once a month under a full moon for dinner to discuss their ideas.

Lunar’s inspiration is to harness those inspirational dinner conversations leading to great progress, to celebrate our present, whilst ensuring that we have a mindful eye on our future with a key focus on sustainability.

We aim to deliver to our guests a quality and memorable experience in a unique setting whilst reducing food miles, and nurturing creativity.

At Lunar, we bring all of this together.

Lunar is located in one of the most creative regions, Staffordshire, which is rich in farming, history, and craft. We have curated the finest local suppliers, artists, craftspeople, chefs, and artisans at Lunar to take you on a journey of discovery. Whether through the chef, painter, sculptor, or ceramicist, skill is at our core, offering the best food, drink and exceptional experiences.

Honoured by our location in Staffordshire, on the World of Wedgwood site, we are keen to keep this as part of the Lunar experience. Those who choose to dine with us do so with the finest Wedgwood china & Waterford Crystal glassware which further heightens the luxury experience Lunar offers, further adding a touch of elegance and heritage to your culinary journey.

Who were the
Lunar Society?

The Lunar Society was a renowned group of intellectuals, industrialists, and innovators who met regularly during the late 18th century.

Founders included prominent figures such as Josiah Wedgwood and Erasmus Darwin. Their gatherings, held during the full moon to ensure sufficient light for travel, were dedicated to discussing and advancing science, arts, and society. The society's collaborative spirit and innovative ideas profoundly impacted the Industrial Revolution and the development of modern science and industry.

Inspired by this illustrious group, Lunar seeks to embody the values and vision of The Lunar Society. Each area of our restaurant pays homage to this rich history. 

At Lunar, we aim to bring the ethos of The Lunar Society into the present day. Our commitment to local ingredients, sustainable practices, and support for local artists and suppliers reflects the society's forward-thinking and community-oriented values.

Join us at Lunar for a dining journey that delights the senses and celebrates our community's rich heritage and bright future.

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