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Niall Keating climbed the culinary ranks by working in renowned kitchens across the world, from Restaurant Sat Bains (2*) in Nottingham to Benu (3*) in San Francisco and Kong Hans Kælder (2*) in Copenhagen. In 2017, Niall was awarded his first Michelin star at The Dining Room at Whatley Manor Hotel, Wiltshire, just eight months after opening. 2 years later he was awarded a second star at the age of just 30 and went on to earn one of Michelin’s first green stars for his sustainable methods. On his shelf are a plethora of other industry accolades including Michelin Young European Chef (2018), Rising Chef Trophy (2019), 4 AA Rosettes and BBC Great British Menu ‘Champion of Champions’ (2020).

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The 18th century was a time of change and revolution across the world. Intellectuals and ordinary men alike would gather to discuss anything and everything, from the social order problems of the day, to the latest scientific advances and the intertwining political and philosophical issues. Clubs were formed in order to allow members the pleasure of enjoying the finest food and wine whilst debating these issues with other like-minded individuals.  


The Lunar Society, or Lunar Circle as it was first called, was one such club. It met in and around Birmingham, England between 1765 and 1813. It was the members of this club however, that would set it apart from any other. They cheerfully referred to themselves as the ‘lunatics’ but this could not have been much further from the truth, as the revolutionaries involved would change the face of the world forever.

Josiah Wedgwood was one of the founding members of this society alongside other notable names, such as Erasmus Darwin, Joseph Priestley and James Watt.


These individuals, amongst others that met once a month, were the pioneers that together would bring about the ultimate fusion of science and social change that would fuel the fires and ignite the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution forged the world as we know it today.  


One of Wedgwood’s most lasting contributions was his ongoing campaign against the slave trade. He helped to form the Society for the Abolition of the Slave Trade in 1787 and leaning on his skills as a designer and marketer, he created a medallion that became the central symbol of the anti-slavery movement in the 18th century.

The Industrial Revolution sparked a movement leading to the betterment of humanity through advances in education, health & wellbeing, societal welfare, security and much more. But for the advancements we have also seen irreparable damage to our planet and today we stand in the privileged position of a global awareness and enlightenment that can embrace the ideals of The Lunar Society in 2021 on a far superior scale. As we believe that whilst The Lunar Society were ahead of their time as enlightened thinkers, there are many enlightened philosophers amongst us and we can all utilise science and technology to better life for all in a more sustainable way.  


We are embracing the past, the present and the future. We recognise and salute the past, we recognise and salute our present philosophy to live a life full of experience and a future that requires more sustainability, less food miles and more creativity. 


At Lunar we bring all of this together. 


We live in one of the most creative regions, rich with farming, history and people. We have collated all the finest local suppliers, artists, crafts people, chefs and artisans and bring it all to Lunar to take you on a journey of discovery, a journey that you will never forget, a journey that you will be enlightened by.

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