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Lunar Art and Wine Society is a series of monthly events in collaboration with Barewall Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent, that aim to champion Staffordshire artists.


It is an opportunity to showcase our wonderful 'Lunar Artists' and their work here in our restaurant gallery, as well as our featured guest speakers. Each month there will be a different local artist with a presentation of their work and an opportunity for guests to purchase from their special collections.


With handpicked wines each month, guests are able to choose a glass of one of our spotlighted wines whilst they enjoy an evening of learning and discussion. This is a different kind of experience at Lunar, using our space for likeminded people to come together and celebrate the best that Staffordshire has to offer the artworld.

Our Art & Wine Society events happen on the last Wednesday of each month.


Full Moon Feasts.png

Lunar by Niall Keating takes its name from ‘The Lunar Society’; founded in the
1700’s by some of the finest minds of their time. There is much to say about this
influential group but it is their dinners under a full moon which engaged some of
the greatest minds from the Midlands and Beyond; from Erasmus Darwin to
Benjamin Franklin. It is these dinners that have inspired us to create our own collection of Full Moon Feasts at Lunar.

A series of intimate dinners hosted by Niall Keating and Head Chef Craig Lunn under each full moon, creating exciting menus especially for each occasion in collaboration with some of Lunar's trusted friends and partners.

Full Moon Feasts will be a unique experience at the restaurant, sparking conver-
sations, connections and deeper understandings of our menu, our partners & our restaurant as a whole.

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