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Lunar Storehouse is a new branch of the Lunar brand providing accessibility and knowledge of the produce used in the restaurant kitchen, as well as promoting local suppliers from the Staffordshire region. 

Alongside Josiah & Co, an already established shop at The World of Wedgwood showcasing local artisans, Lunar Storehouse is a space where customers can see and purchase produce from the area that we use to create our menus.

With dry aged meats available to order, exclusive caviar, truffles, and other produce that pass through the Lunar kitchen, customers are able to experience the same quality they enjoy on the dishes served in the restaurant a few doors down.


“Lunar Storehouse is a chance to celebrate our fantastic suppliers, the area and to give a new angle to experiencing what you can taste in the restaurant. Hopefully it gives people an opportunity to appreciate the quality and source of their meat and produce.” - Niall Keating

We look forward to taking people on this journey with us and intend to provide customers with more and more unique products from the Lunar kitchen over time. With plans to expand Lunar specific products as well as curated food packages with recipes.


There will be workshops held in the space in collaboration with Josiah & Co on a range of topics from butchery to flower arranging and many more.

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