Jo Ashcroft

I am a landscape and portrait painter based in Staffordshire. Working in Acrylics, inks and mixed media my paintings are driven by the profound sense of beauty and connection I feel when walking the landscape.

Whether walking through local countryside or coastal paths I feel a sense

of alertness amongst the elements. The sounds, smells and temperatures

of the seasons and the inner spirit of what we observe is what drives me

to paint. I love to see the sun rising and hear the stillness. Painting is to record the thrilling beauty we witness and the impermanence of it.


My painting style expresses a sense of place communicated through bold layered mark making, often made in quite energetic bursts of colour gesturing the essence of what it feels like to become part of each beautiful sky, to stand where the wind swells through the trees or where we breath in the air from across the sea. By painting I am sharing these experiences.

My portraits are my passion, again to observe the physical complexities of a person, trying to capture the strength and personality of the person. I have drawn the same faces repeatedly for many years and there is an intimacy in knowing the features and mastering the language of drawing and mark making to express the unique features of the sitter. Like the landscape the complexities of being human are ever changing and through each season our light and depth is painted in our faces.

I like to give my portraits a bold and striking composition often larger than life and painted with quite sculptural brush strokes making the sitter boldly present in the painting.

Drawing is at the heart of my work and photography. My camera accompanies me everywhere and will provide a collective record of the details in the passing moment.