Eve Thomas

I created this work to remind people of the natural beauty that is all around us even in the deepest city or the quietest derelict space, nature will always find a way to try and push through against us by vines, flowers, urban foxes, birds’ nests etc.

I prefer to work from real life scenarios. Although it is tempting to create fantasy imageries, I have found that it is much more interesting to recreate actual places. I learnt to look at each location differently, scanning every detail, learning the way of life for each environment which I then aim to bring across through my paper-cut work. When each piece is completed I hope that at least one person can look at one and recognise the area, that they can relate to the location, noticing small features within it that stand out and hold sentiment to them personally.

With my lightboxes, I feel that the lights completely transform the finished piece. Although they are still the same recognisable places, the light shines through every cut detail hidden by natural daylight, illuminating the scenario into a magical and mesmerising image. 

I use craft knives and even surgical scalpels for more accurate cuts to mark the paper and create several layers of shapes that once arranged together form one big, beautiful scene, normally focused around areas local to me. I also use embossment needles and 1mm hole punchers to add smaller details such as stars, glistening water speckles and clouds.

With each paper-cut design I aim to include as much detail as I can through mark-making with the knife blades from wave formations, tiles on rooves, branches on trees and even the fur on animals. I want each piece to be overflowing with life. I often try to include animals common to the area as they bring a different characteristic to each design, making the scene feel less still and more alive.