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Ethan Lemon

Ethan Lemon is a contemporary artist and mural painter who was born and raised in Stoke on Trent, England. From a very early age he was drawing and painting with acrylics. Not only at home and art class at school but during other school lessons. He used art as an escape from the boredom and uncomfortable surroundings he felt he was in. In Ethan’s teenage years he progressed to using spray paint. He was inspired firstly by local graffiti art he had seen and went on to discover the graffiti and street art giants of the world at the time in books and using the limited internet access he had at school and friends houses. Ethan taught himself through trial and error how to use spray paint and through gaining this skill he created a career for himself as a mural artist. 


Ethan has a decade of experience in the medium of spray paint and has always experimented with other mediums along the way such as screen printing, watercolour, airbrush and lino cuts. He is now merging spray paint with acrylic and other mediums to create his most recent pieces. These works mainly consist of landscapes and portraiture. His work is inspired by his surroundings, where he currently resides in Manchester and sights and people photographed when travelling. 


His lust for travel also started young and he enjoys being anonymous in new places and exploring freely “it’s like another form of escapism, just being able to walk around amongst people and see and experience new things but at the same time nobody knows you as your not a local” He enjoys these times of solitude and applies this similarly to his working environment. He works from a home studio when working on smaller paintings, however he also loves to “ get out and paint something big in public regularly to stretch my body and interact with people. I love the positive feedback you get and interesting people you meet and I also find some of the negative feedback amusing” 


Ethan has a passion for paint and colour. He has a strong work ethic informed by the 'quantity and quality' nature of graffiti art which obsessed him growing up and still does in adulthood. The influence of this modern art form and its bold nature has informed his style massively. Signature techniques used in his work such as black outlines and 'messy' brush work are a reflection of this. 


Ethan enjoys to paint fast at a large scale and have fun with the process always experimenting with subject matter, colour and composition. Some of his recent experiments involve drawing naive studies of people or landscapes with black pen, as he would of done as a child. However now he adds acrylic and watercolour to create bold colourful pieces on a smaller scale than his usual wall or canvas paintings.


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