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Edward MacKenzie

"Art has been the mainspring of my life. It has been augmented by a variety of work, including teaching, giving me a healthy awareness and appreciation of the world in which we live. 


I studied graphic design at Cooper Union, New York and came to London as a Fulbright scholar to the Royal College of Art. Moving with my family to New Zealand for 20 years gave me the opportunity to develop my skills as an assemblage artist. I exhibited widely in that country and was honoured to be awarded the Queen Elizabeth ll - now Creative New Zealand - Grant. 


I’ve always collected things – mainly manufactured items, responding to things I love.  Working mostly as an assemblagist, I use items from my collection. I investigate and ‘play’ with whatever object I am working on and get to know the material in some depth.  One could say I learn to speak its language and dance its dance.  I respond and interpret via my work, sometimes introducing other materials and - ideas - the cohesive element in my art, born of experience, interest and imagination.


Trained as a graphic designer I appreciate the significance of design, a definite influence and element in my work.  I respect the economy of good design – to say something, no matter how simple or profound in a direct attractive way, be it interpretative or purely aesthetic. 


I also appreciate my participation as an artist to create particular artworks to commemorate an event."


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