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Denise Griggs

Denise originally from Liverpool, grew up in Ellesmere Port, a highly industrial area of the Wirral. She has a degree in contemporary fine art from IMU which she achieved by going back into education at the age of 39. She moved with her family in 2009 the Newcastle Under Lyme and has flourished there.


Denise is naturally talented, following in the footsteps of both her parents and her grandfather she is a very spiritual person and this intangible aspect of her has become an important part of her process. Her work is an exploration of Mind, Body and Soul, with the vibrant colours in her work linking to the colours of the chakras. Her work is a result of two decades of spiritual work and mathematics based on the colour frequency.


Her paintings are designed to illicit a physical response from the chakras to allow the observer to experience the paintings on another level. This otherness allows the observer to be open for emotional and spiritual healing through meditation during observation of the work. 

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