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Claire Arnott

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I worked for several years as an Interior designer for the super rich, looking to restore my burnt out body and spirit I trained to teach yoga after having my first child and embraced wellbeing practices including art and painting. We relocated to the countryside and I built a busy boutique yoga studio which I sold in 2019 to make time to paint and sell my paintings. 


Now based at home with my 3 children I wrote my first book Happier Healthier about Art & Wellbeing, retrained as a Coach and began to paint and create professionally. We have converted an old barn beside the house which is now my art studio and office for creativity coaching. 

My art & paintings are inspired by colour and texture in the natural and urban landscape. I’m fascinated by peeling paint, graffiti on stone and brick, the textures of decaying wood and how man made surface sits with nature. Shapes from land and seascapes inform my abstract style that takes the imagination on a journey of what is being seen and said! 


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